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Our curriculum is completely unique, comprising exciting topics in both STEM and entrepreneurship fields to provide students with a strong understanding in 21st century topics. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity in topics that matter, motivate critical thinking and encourage individuality for success. 

STEM Unicorn provides the perfect opportunity to bridge classroom learning with the real world. Some of our topics may build on content taught in classrooms, while others may be completely new to your students. Think artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, the metaverse and more! 

Each module includes videos on a STEM topic and an entrepreneurship topic, taught by an expert instructor and metahuman respectively. Knowledge is extended through a complementary reading passage, and a quiz solidifies understanding of the topics. The module ends with a business simulator section, where students act as a founder of a virtual start-up to answer real-life scenario questions and earn in-game cash to build on their business. 

Each module takes about 40 minutes to complete.

One of a kind platform and curriculum: STEM Unicorn is the only platform to learn STEM and Entrepreneurship simultaneously. We developed our curriculum in-house, consulting experts in the different fields to bridge traditional classroom curricula with relevant topics to foster innovative minds.

Detailed analytics: We process the results of your class after every module and provide in-depth analytics on their progress. Teachers and school admins can visit the Analytics page on their STEM Unicorn platform to access students’ quiz performance and track the progress of virtual businesses. 

Self-Directed learning: By allowing students to make their own decisions for their virtual business, students must figure out how their choices affect their path towards achieving their goals (in this case, to become a ‘unicorn’ business with a valuation of $1,000,000 in-game). This mode of self-directed learning creates a fun and enjoyable learning environment, allowing students to think critically and strategically whilst recognizing that there can be more than one path to success.

We want to prepare your students with the knowledge and skills to become STEM innovators. Hence, we designed our curriculum around 21st century topics that matter. Students will be exposed to a variety of relevant topics that are rapidly changing the world we live in. With STEM Unicorn, students will develop a deep understanding of up-and-coming technologies, problem-solving skills, and the ins and outs to creating a successful start-up company.

Students only need a computer to access the platform and an internet connection!

Teachers and school administrators should begin by reviewing the user handbook (PDF made available after purchasing a plan), and watch our short instructional videos on getting started. Time should also be allocated for students to create their own accounts on our platform.  School administrators can then add students into virtual classrooms, and modules can be opened for students to access and begin learning. 

Educators (teachers and school administrators) will have access to the analytics function on the STEM Unicorn platform. This provides educators with detailed analytics on the class or individual student performance with both the quiz and business simulation.

STEM Unicorn is available in 4 module, 8 module or 12 module courses. Each module contains a topic on STEM and a topic on Entrepreneurship. The 4 module plan, for example, covers 4 STEM topics and 4 Entrepreneurship topics. 

For more information, go to ‘Purchase’ and use the ‘Compare Plans’ function for a closer look at the modules offered. 

Plan content is subject to change and modules may be updated. For a personalized set of modules for your school, feel free to contact us via email at and we will be happy to speak with you.

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