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Best extracurriculars to stand out in university applications

Extracurricular activities play a significant role in university applications as they provide admissions officers with a more comprehensive understanding of a student’s interests, skills, and abilities. They can also help to distinguish you from other applicants, allowing you to stand out from the rest. However, it’s important to choose extracurriculars that align with your interests and goals. Before deciding on extracurricular activities, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions: What are my passions? What am I interested in? What are my long-term goals? And how can I use extracurricular activities to achieve them?

In terms of academic activities, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Participating in academic extracurriculars such as Model United Nations (MUN), math and science clubs, or debate teams is a great way to demonstrate your interest in a particular subject as well as your ability to think critically and communicate effectively. Additionally, academic activities provide an opportunity to develop research, presentation, and leadership skills that are highly valued by universities.

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You might also consider taking up an internship. Doing an internship can help demonstrate your commitment and passion for a particular field, as well as providing valuable hands-on experience and skills that can set you apart from other applicants. Not only will it be beneficial for your application but it will allow you to network with professionals in the industry and explore a new field, which will be helpful in deciding your career path in the future.

Taking university level courses or participating in summer programmes is another excellent way to stand out. These additional courses are a good display of a student’s dedication towards a particular subject and their ability to handle college-level coursework. They also provide an opportunity to explore a subject in more depth and gain a deeper understanding of the material. Additionally, they provide the opportunity to learn from professors and experts in the field, as well as networking with peers who share similar interests. It’s also a great way to showcase your ability to take on challenges and handle the rigor of college-level work which will be beneficial for your academic performance in college. It’s not only impressive but also shows your willingness to take on challenges and self-motivation to learn.

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Apart from academic excellence, universities also place great deal of importance on moral values such as compassion. Participating in community activities such as volunteering, mentoring, or participating in charity events shows universities that you care about your community and strive to make a positive impact. It also gives you the opportunity to gain valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership, which are sought by universities. Moreover, community activities can be a great way to give back to the community and to learn about social issues and causes that matter to you. It will also showcase your maturity and social awareness, which are qualities of increasing importance to universities. By participating in community activities, you can demonstrate your dedication, responsibility, and determination to make a positive change in the world which will make you an ideal candidate for any university.

Being a part of school committees such as student government or yearbook club is another thing that can add value to your application. These activities can help signal a student’s leadership skills and their ability to work effectively in a team. They provide an opportunity to take on responsibilities, make important decisions and to play a role in shaping the school’s culture and environment. Furthermore, by being a part of school committees you learn how to communicate, negotiate and how to effectively manage time and resources which are important skills for any university student. Additionally, it also shows your commitment to the school community and your eagerness to take an active role in shaping it for the better. Being a part of school committees can be a great way to develop skills, gain experience, and make a difference in your school community, which are all qualities that are highly valued by universities.

Let’s not forget about hobbies! Hobbies are a great way to exhibit your creativity, passion, and dedication to something you enjoy. By developing hobbies, you can help universities get to know you better and help them understand your unique personality, interests and talents. Including hobbies adds character to your application and will help set you apart. Additionally, hobbies can be a great way to develop skills such as discipline, perseverance, and time management, which universities appreciate. They also allow you to pursue something that brings you joy and fulfillment outside of the classroom. Furthermore, if you have a unique hobby or skill it can be a great conversation starter during an interview or help to demonstrate a student’s talents and interests which can be beneficial for the university. Participating in hobbies can also be a great way to balance out the stress of academics and to develop a healthy work-life balance.

If you’ve got an athletic side to you, participating in sports can help communicate your physical fitness, teamwork, and leadership skills. Moreover, this makes for the perfect opportunity to stay active, to learn about discipline, time management, and perseverance which universities find impressive. By participating in sports, you can showcase your ability to balance multiple commitments and to perform under pressure, which is a good way to prepare for university life. Many universities also have sports teams and clubs, so if you’re interested in continuing with the sport you love in college, it’s a great way to signal your abilities and sincere interest to get a head start on being a part of the team.

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Developing a musical interest is another excellent way to stand out in a university application. Getting involved in music could mean becoming part of a band, joining a choir, performing at events or simply learning a new instrument. Music is one of many expressive artforms and is hence a great way to express oneself and to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-discipline. If you’re keen on being part of a music group or band, you can also develop teamwork and communication skills. Universities are also interested in students with a musical background as they are keen to have more students join their musical programs and groups, so if you’re interested in continuing with music in college, it’s a great way to display your interest and commitment.

And last but not least, learning a new language is yet another thing that will grab a university’s attention. Not only does it display a dedication to self-improvement, but it also showcases a global perspective and cultural awareness. This is not just great for university applications; being fluent in multiple languages is a highly sought-after skill in today’s job market, making it an excellent investment in one’s future career. Additionally, the skills developed through language learning, such as attention to detail, memory retention, and problem-solving, can be beneficial in other academic and professional areas. Overall, learning a new language is a challenging and rewarding extracurricular activity that can have a significant impact on a student’s university application and future career prospects.

When deciding on extracurricular activities, it’s important to choose activities that align with your interests and goals. It may be tempting to try all the activities we’ve mentioned, but as you move forward, it’s crucial to maintain balance and not overcommit to too many activities. Remember, quality over quantity! It is better to do fewer things well than to exhaust yourself doing too many things with little to show. Finally, always try to make the most of the opportunities provided by extracurricular activities, as they can help to shape your future and open doors you never thought possible.

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