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virtual learning platform

STEM Unicorn is an immersive online gamified learning platform that combines STEM and entrepreneurship to bring a unique and COVID-proof learning experience to your classrooms. With curriculum delivered by experts and metahumans, STEM Unicorn connects in-class experience with real world concepts, creating a paradigm shift as we make education more innovative, applicable and individualized.

STEM Unicorn in action


Customized Learning Program For Every Student

4 Weeks

$3,199 /USD

What is Included?

300 Students


12 Weeks

$6,399 /USD

What is Included?

300 Students

8 Weeks

$4,999 /USD

What is Included?

300 Students

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How to start ?

Make the purchase easily through our website. An invoice will be sent to the school admin email along with OTPs for the admin, teacher, and student accounts

School admin can distribute the OTPs to teachers and students. With our comprehensive user guide and follow-along videos, accounts can be set up easily.

School admins and teachers can create classrooms and add students into them. Once set, the learning can begin!

Why STEM Unicorn

For students

Learn from experts in the field of STEM and entrepreneurship

 Apply your learning to grow your own virtual startup in game

 manage your money wisely as you grow your business and see your valuation increase (or decrease if you are not careful!)

For Schools

Oversee your students and their activities during class

 Plan the flexible curriculum according to your school’s needs and schedule

Review your students’ weekly results to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses

Available on all Platforms

Our product can be used on all devices. Available on Windows, Android and iOS